Walton Battery Power Master WB1275 2
Walton Battery Power Master WB1275

Walton Battery Power Master WB1275


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Walton Battery Power Master WB1275

Walton Battery Power Master WB1275

Original price was: 1,350৳ .Current price is: 1,330৳ .

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Walton Battery Power Master WB1275


  • Maintenance free (No water topping-up required)
  • Long Back up time & Extended Life
  • PbCaSn alloy for plate grids
  • Non-Spillable battery
  • Low self-discharge rate, lower than 3% capacity loss per month due to high quality raw materisl
  • Usable in any orientation (excluding used inverted)
  • Absorbent Glass Mat technology for efficient gas recombination which extends cycle life and prevent micro short circuit
  • Designed as per IEC 61096-2   & JIS C8702-01 Standard
  • Flame-retardant ABS material increases the strength of battery container
  • Silver-coated copper terminals for improving the electric conductivity


  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Emergency backup power supply
  • Emergency light
  • Alarm and security system
  • Aircraft signal
  • Electronic apparatus and equipment
  • Electric Power System (EPS)


  • Brand: Walton
  • Category: UPS Battery
  • Model: Power Master WB1275
  • Nominal voltage 6 cell, 12 Volt
  • Nominal Capacity: 20 Hour, 7.5 AH
  • Weight: 2150 ± 20 grams
  • Internal Resistance: Fully charge Battery, 35 mΩ
  • Maximum Charging Current: 2.25 A
  • Float Charging Voltage: 14.4~14.8 VDC
  • Product Dimension: Length- 151 mm,Width- 65 mm,,Height- 94 mm
  • Terminal: F2




Walton is the latest multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the largest well equipped R & D facilities in the world carried out its production through different subsidiaries under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh. Today, Walton has a workforce of more than 20000+ in total 22 production bases under 680+ acres of factory area. The capacity of yearly production is 10 million units based on the market demands. Walton is the giant professional manufacturer in the relevant industry and has gained high reputation in terms of its unbeatable capability for producing Electrical and Electronics goods in the most competitive way in aspect of quality, cost, design and innovation.

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